Aqua Chi Machine Foot Bath

  • Assist your body's innate ability to create well-being
  • Balance the energy pathways in your body
  • Easy to use for the home user
  • Powerful enough for professional use
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • This is the North Americal original
  • Don't accept copy cat units
Aqua Chi in use
aqua chi machine pro classic foot bath

Aqua Chi Pro Model

TC 5000

Perfect for your professional practice.
The Pro Model allows you to give back-to-back treatments.

aqua chi machine home model foot bath

Aqua Chi Standard Model

TC 5000

Perfect for the home user.
Only one water module. 2 instead of 20 replaceable ring sets.

Every cell in your body needs to have an optimal charge in order to function at peak capacity. The Aqua Chi machine boosts the energy of your body on a cellular level, helping your body work efficiently. Taking an Aqua Chi footbath is an energizing and vitalizing experience, helping your body function at a high level, boosting your energy and allowing the body to cope with stress of all kinds.

Using the Aqua Chi Machine Footbath

Using the Aqua Chi Footbath is very simple. The device is created to to be easy to use and you certainly do not need to be a professional to operate it. All you need is a plastic or copper container (do not use a metal container other copper) to use for the footbath. If you are intending to use the Aqua Chi in a professional clinic, you will want to purchase the PRO model. The home user can choose either model. The process having a session with the Aqua Chi is a safe, relaxing and comfortable experience.
Aqua Chi in use

The principle behind the Aqua Chi Machine Footbath is based on the fact that all living matter contains a bio-charge, a bioelectric energy This energy is found in both plants and animal life, and is the very energy that enables all the systems of our bodies to perform all their daily tasks.

How well our bodies actually function is determined by the state of the Bio-Energy on a cellular level. When the cells of our body has a high charge, the body will funtion at an optimal level, faciliating greater well-being. The reality of daily life is that our energy levels do not always stay high. There are many factors that can lower the bio-charge at the cellular level, such as lifestyle choices, diet, toxins, drugs and environmental pollution.

Because of these exernal factors, most of us are depleting the body's bio-charge levels. It is similar to how a battery looses charge over time, and needs to be recharged in order to function. The Aqua Chi Machine provides an easy way to rebalance and restore the your body's electical charge on a cellular level.

Use the Aqua Chi to resore a sense of well-being, to aid in relaxation and restoration. Water is the foundation of life, and your body is mostly made of water, which is why the body will very readily take up the energy created by the Aqua Chi through the medium of water.

Disclaimer: None of this information and/or the Aqua-Chi Machine is intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease of any kind. The Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation spa does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition; nor does it pull , push or force foreign toxins or materials from the body. None of these statements, research or the Aqua-Chi have been evaluated by the FDA. Click here for full caution/disclaimer