What do the colors mean?

What do the colors in the water mean?

There is an astonishing amount of misinformation regarding what the colors in the water mean. If you have been told the colors represent toxins coming out of your body during a session, please read on.

aqua chi color changes in water

The vast majority of people I speak with that have been introduced to the Aqua Chi, have heard claims about what the color changes in the water mean, or what the dark particles floating in the water represents.

Typically, the claims are that the coloration of the water has a specific meaning, such as the body is detoxifying, and what you are seeing in the water represents this detoxification. Some claims go farther and assign different colors to mean different organ systems are detoxifying. Some say little black flecks mean your body is expelling heavy metals.

Don't believe these Aqua-Chi claims

There are many variables involved, and the colors and floating particles are a result of simply putting the module in the water and running the machine, even if you don't have your feet in the water.

For the most part the color changes relate to impurities in the water your are using. The cause for most color changes can be attributed to the additives in most municipal city water supplies. Some of these impurities are expelled by the water and this accounts for the majority of discoloration in the water. In addition, the hotter the water you use, the more the more discoloration will occur. How much salt (if any) is added an also influence the color at the end of a session. Numerous other natural factors can influence the coloration of the water.

The Aqua Chi Truth

Rather than detoxify your body by pulling out toxins, the Aqua Chi machine footbath doesn't pull from your body, it adds a charge that is biologically available to the body, so that the outer membrane of the cells receive an extra charge, allowing your body to function at a higher level. The body will then use this extra energy in whichever way it chooses, and will direct to the areas of greatest need. This might include detoxifying, but many other things can happen.

When the body gets access to this biocompatible energy, it will employ it's innate intelligence to reduce stress and to optimize function on every level. For the most part, medical technology of any kind does not directly heal; it only assists the body’s own natural healing ability. The same is true for the Aqua Chi.


None of this information and/or the Aqua-Chi Machine is intended to cure, treat, prevent or diagnose disease of any kind. The Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation spa does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition; nor does it pull, push or force foreign toxins or materials from the body. None of these statements, research or the Aqua-Chi have been evaluated by the FDA. Click here for full caution/disclaimer